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Raw cut Spanish Lancon featherweight shearling blazer with functioning surgeon's cuff and double back vents

Baby alpaca with horn buttons and Serpente d'acqua on pockets and back of collar

7-gauge cashmere creates a relief with bouclé in two separate stitch patterns

7-gauge high/low Bouclé and flat cashmere yarns create two separate stitch patterns, one raised above the other

7-gauge high/low bouclé and flat cashmere yarns create a relief with two separate stitch patterns in a high/low effect

Guanteria or lambskin lighter than a golf glove, is sewn with a labor-intensive vertical track stitch that yields a cloud-like movement and highlights the artisanal horn buttons. Each piece is hand-signed and numbered in a limited edition

Bonded mélange lamb's wool blend accented with Italian lamb nappa

Ultra-lightweight Baby Spanish lamb shearling with cashmere louver-knit sleeves

Meticulously selected Pillow-soft luxurious Spanish shearling with ironed fleece, vegetable-tanned belting-leather neck strap and knitted cashmere waist and cuffs

Knowing the risk of making a mistake with such costly raw material, I directed the factory to stone wash and hand-burnish crocodile hides. The result yielded a glove-like touch, after which entire hides were meticulously paired and stitched, much of it by hand, to honor Mother Nature's art.
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