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To join what Mother Nature so perfectly created I've blended seamless panels from the hide with precision cuts to create an effortless sophistication. The crocodile’s natural form flows over the wearer's right side transforming into an altogether different sophistication on the left.

Hand-braided leather accents the fawn-like suede exterior of Italian Toscana Marmota


Reflecting the sundown of Calella de Palagrugell, one of Cataluñas most beautiful fishing villages, the cloud-like softness of Merinillo lamb reverses in a prism of blue, Indigo and violet long haired Toscana Marmota
Golden curls emerge from architecturally placed cut lines in a deep emerald Toscana Marmota
Hand-stitched leather laces weave in and out the dream like softness of Spanish lamb and Toscana Marmota

With each movement thousands of micro laser incisions in Spanish lambskin transform from anthracite to crystal white

For a stroll down Saint-Germain-des-Prés or the boardwalks of Sun Valley, I've combined the effortless flow of Spanish Entrefino shearling and Toscana Marmota. Appreciating fur but never using mammals killed for their skins, I design with by-products only. In this instance I've chosen Spanish Merino and Tuscan lambs, which were harvested for their meat
The après ski elegance of the French Alps and Val d'Isère is personified with raw-Italian Toscana Marmota


Flouted sleeves accent the silky Toscana Marmota body (lamb harvested for meat) reversing to neoprene

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