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7-gauge high/low Bouclé and flat cashmere yarns create two separate stitch patterns, one raised above the other

Two separate scarves button together or apart with Water Buffalo harvested from the external layer of the horn. One, a monotone bouclé consisting of Baby yak, the other a 3-gauge Baby Yak bouclé with a knitted triangular cross pattern

Super-light Cashmere fleece, hand signed and numbered

To avoid confinement or structure silky Lancon Lamb, the softest shearling in existence, is generously cut from blemish free skins and sewn around the perimeter with carefully placed pick-stitching. Thereafter this piece of art is hand signed and numbered

Baby camel 7-gauge scarf with alternating horizontal, flat and vertical stitching

Grand-cabled 7-gauge baby super yak, hand signed and numbered

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